Age Group : 4.6 - 5.6 years
Duration (Per Day) : 3 Hrs/Day

Our Montessori III (UKG) curriculum meets the requirements of CBSE/ICSE/AMI. On language and literature front our program aims at developing the competence in talking, listening and becoming readers and writers with growing vocabulary and increased fluency to express their thoughts and to convey the meaning to the listeners. Using phonics, understanding the formation of words and thus sentences for the development of good writing skills in cursive handwriting is an integral part of language development.

This program covers development of pre-mathematical skills related to comparison, sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting. Four basic mathematical operations are also introduced at the UKG level.

Our program also enhances the development of physical control, mobility, awareness of space and skills in the indoor and outdoor games.

Acivity Based Learning

Our activity based learning approach not only makes any learning long lasting but also enhances child's ability to apply the knowledge.

Safe & Secure Environment

Each of our centres also has abundant, safety and child appropriate, non-toxic materials for our children for providing hands on learning experience in safe manner.

Best in class Infrastructure

Large, safe and secured, warm and colorful environment with abundance of Montessori materials and best of class over all infrastructure.

Parent Communication App

Bright Connect2Parents is an initiative to strengthen Teachers-Parents Communication by adapting the latest technological trends.

Innovative Teaching

The SMART Books series (AR enabled),the Bight Concept Teacher, 500+ Smart Class Activities for development of cognitive and logical thinking skills.

Holistic Institution

We develop the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical aspects of a child’s personality with our approach.