As usual we (Me& My wife) are also like all other parents who are dubious about the day care centers, whether they can take care of my kid like we do. Done lot of research on day care centers on google, by word of mouth etc... Finally decided to join my son 'Geetansh Pratheek' to your day care center (R.TNagar, Near Precedency School). He was 1.7 years, when we made him to go to day care, initially we were very scared thinking how he will pass his 3 hours of time, first day whilst leaving at day care center we had a tuff time, my kid was crying and we have no option than to leave him to day care, we were un happy that day, the same continues second day, however; we were surprised 3rd day he was not crying, he had a beautiful smile on his face, very happy, jumping and going, slowly when days goes on, he himself started asking that he wants to go to day care, he made some friends there(We were very happy for everything). The nicest things that I observed at this center are, the governance is wonderful, and teachers are very polite and care taking. Especially I would like to thank you Bright Kid, to hire 'care takers like Mani Ma'am', at the young age she has got very good patience, very professional, Enthusiastic, very polite, my observations made me feel amazing and very happy and gave me piece of mind. I'm now a happiest father! Your day care center at this center deserves 10/10 because of Mani ma'am

Raja Sekhar Alamuri ( Parent Of Geetansh, RT Nagar )

Talent Watch is the platform to showcase the hidden talent of the children's. By conducting this activity children's mind will get refreshed, talent of kids can be identified, it also helps to improve the stage fear & communication. Bright Kid Talent Watch was splendid and it was above expectation with lot of enjoyment. I personally thank Bright Kid management for organizing such an event for us and little champs.

Sonia Shindhe And Mahesh Kumar S ( Parents Of Laksh M , Kavalbysandra )

Talent watch conducted in Vidyaranyapura Bright Kid School was a colourful event. It was a pleasure to watch the little ones in different comic/fairy tale characters' role. The credit of the success of the talent show definitely goes to the teachers, their efforts and hard work where in they not only brought out the talent of the kids but also conveyed eco-friendly message to all during the show

Varsha Karthik ( Parent Of Deetya Karthik, Vidyaranpura )

Brightkid is just the way the name suggest 'BRIGHT'. The teacher Abida Begum is very good. She has a good approach and is very patient. She is doing an excellent job and I can see it in my son. My son grasped the concept of Tables and Hindi as soon as she taught him, which I was trying to do for quite some time but was unsuccessful. I give Brightkid 9.5 out of 10 rating

Venkatesh ( Father Of Anirudh V, Kavalbysandra Center )

We are happy the way the teachers at Brightkid have taken efforts to mould our daughter's interactions and learning. She needs to be trained to be bold. Overall we feel satisfied with the school and the teachers. We see a lot of improvement in our child

T. C. Pushpalatha ( Parent Of Anusri , TC Palya )