Our Philosophy

The main philosophy of Bright Kid Montessori House is to provide an ideal preschool education and holistic developmental environment that supports our children to muddle through the advance world of today. We work with an ardent zeal to achieve this for an all round development of the children.

We offer freedom to child to choose, to speak, to ask, to move and to play as per their own pace of development and likings. We believe "Adding knowledge is creating potential ... applying knowledge is true power". Our activity based learning approach not only makes any learning long lasting but also enhances child's ability to apply the knowledge.

Our Goal

"Our goal is to see a happy, secure child who is strong in body, mind, spirit and communication." - The Bright Kid Montessori House Team.

Helping your child develop socially

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Helping your child develop intelligence and imagination

Assisting the child in building good listening and concentration skills.

Helping the child to develop a high sense of confidence.

Develop self esteem and positive attitude of the child.

Developing habits of initiative and persistence in the child.

Initiating inner security, self - discipline and a sense of order in the child.

At Bright Kid Montessori House preschool, learning is always fun, concepts are always deep rooted, applications are always encouraged and creativity is always championed.

We enrich, energize and encourage our children all through in extra-curricular activities like Art and Crafts, Skits and Role Plays, Stage Exposure, Music and Dance, Kids Yoga, Show and Tell Events, Talent Watch, Field Trip, Grand Annual Day, Annual Sports Meet etc.
We at Bright Kid Montessori House, aim to give each child - the best foundation for achieving success throughout their life.