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Once A Bright Kid...

Always A Bright Kid

"Our care of the children should be governed not by the desire to 'make them learn things', but by the endeavor always to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence." -Dr.Maria Montessori

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Montessori Approach..

Work the mind, reveal the child, unleash the potential

Bright Kid Montessori House is a leading chain of Montessori Preschool, Day Care and Activity Centers spread across Bangalore. Bright Kid Montessori House is a specially prepared environment for the children to explore through ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING for concept absorption, applications and all-round development. Bright Kid adopts the world famous Montessori method for developing children of age group of 1.5 yrs. to 6 yrs. As a renowned preschool chain we have programs for Playgroup, Nursery, LKG & UKG. Our preschool follows a true Montessori approach along with Classroom, Interactive Smart Class and Thematic activities for the holistic development of children. It offers an ambience of happy, happening & colourful environment, with an infrastructure having abundant Montessori materials, advance digital teaching aids at preschool level. Our environment is a safe place for early childhood exploration activities, a place where the child has the freedom to move, choose activities and express. As the child explores the prepared environment, he / she satisfies his/her natural curiosity and begins to build a sense of confidence in his / her ability to discover new concepts. Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that children understand the world through all their sense and we belive adding knowledge is creating potential but applying knowledge is the real power. As the child progresses from Toddlers/ Playgroup to Montessori III / UKG , the Montessori language and math curriculum move from the concrete to increasingly abstract concepts. The Montessori sensorial materials form the foundation in preparing the child for the abstract world of numbers. When you walk into the classroom you will see children of different classroom playing, you'll see some working with the teacher on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, some might be doing art and craft, other children will be experimenting blocks or playing equipments. Let us try to imagine the kindergarten world: letters, numbers, stories, sharing blocks, puzzles, play, paint and play-dough. Imagination and creativity are everywhere. As you talk with your child about their day and celebrate their best effort on the work they do, remember that Kindergarten is a "child's garden." Many a times the process is more important than the product, and learning is accomplished by doing, both, touching and experiencing.

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What Parents Say

Bright Kid "Hi Bright Kid, we are happy the way the teachers at Brightkid have taken efforts to mould our daughter's interactions and learning. She needs to be trained to be bold. Overall we feel satisfied with the school and the teachers. We see a lot of improvement in our child"- T. C. Pushpalatha
Our vision is to be the best and most adorable in the world of


Our mission is to unleash the potential of the child and open the door of all future possibilities for the child by giving our love, care, special training and early childhood education using most effective learning methods and world class Montessori materials, providing healthy environment, leveraging the most advanced teaching technology & tools and drawing supports from the best of preschool trained teachers.
The main philosophy of Bright Kid Montessori House is to provide an ideal preschool education and holistic developmental environment that supports our children to muddle through the advance world of today. We work with an ardent zeal to achieve this for an all round development of the children.

What makes us special?

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Acivity Based Learning

Our activity based learning approach not only makes any learning long lasting but also enhances child's ability to apply the knowledge.
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Safe & Secure Environment

Each of our centres also has abundant, safety and child appropriate, non-toxic materials for our children for providing hands on learning experience in safe manner.
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Best in class Infrastructure

Large, safe and secured, warm and colorful environment with abundance of Montessori materials and best of class over all infrastructure.
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Bright Connect2Parent

Bright Connect2Parents is an initiative to strengthen Teachers-Parents Communication by adapting the latest technological trends.
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